Michalina Malolepsza lives and works in Schiedam, The Netherlands. In 2011 she graduated at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. During her studies she decided to focus on printmaking especially on linocut technique. At this moment Michalina is busy with taking part of exhibitions and art projects, mainly in Rotterdam and surroundings. She works together with a group of other graphic designers at Grafisch Atelier Minnigh in Rotterdam.



I like to look at my work from the side. To give it the opportunity to mature. As time passes, I see that my work, as well as my statements about it, may seem inconsistent. This is because I often do something on the spur of the moment. Sometimes, after some time, my works gain a completely different meaning. Stylistically and conceptually, they change as dynamically as life. I suspect that over time, the dynamics of these changes will weaken.

Visual art is a bit like a chameleon. It communicates with the viewer by drawing their attention to itself depending on the context, mood, or moment of life they are in. It is the viewer who knows why something is taking their attention or not. The creator is responsible for their work, but not for its reception. The paradox is that the creator also becomes the recipient, and by not attaching importance to the concepts used in the past, they can see a completely new message in the works made in the past.

Of course, generally speaking, there are issues that I am interested in and I am constantly trying to process them into images.
First of all, I am interested in various sociological issues and portraiture. I understand portraiture not only as reproducing a likeness, but also as a much broader area, such as a psychological portrait. You can portray a person, but you can also portray humanity. Together with sociological issues, this gives unlimited possibilities for developing the imagination. I like to develop the idea of ​​a life path as a goal in itself and depict fragments of it.

Finally, I want to emphasize that all creativity is an element of communication with another person. However, a picture contains not verbal information, but a visual message. As recipients, we forget about this and often talk everything over, assigning labels and adding theories, reviewing too eagerly. The empiricism from which anything was created disappears. This is a kind of tragedy, because we close ourselves off to the subtlety of sensual stimuli, which need a moment of reflection and silence to fully extract their values.




Michalina has been a member of Grafisch Atelier Minnigh since its founding in 2012 and was a member of Regio Art Rijnmond in Spijkenisse from 2013 to 2018.

To date, her works have been featured in three individual exhibitions and many collective exhibitions  and art projects in the Netherlands, but also in Poland and US.


The individual exhibitions:



De Steek, Rotterdam



Polish Library, Amsterdam



Het Gele Huis, Breda


Selection of the group exhibitions and projects:


Lino animation De Unie, Rotterdam during North Sea Jazz Round Town

Lino animation during De Stad Grafisch Symposium, WTC, Rotterdam



Gallery De Compagnie, Dordrecht



International Exhibition INCIDENT II – ACCIDENT Museum Czestochowa, Poland

Exhibition Polish Artists in the Netherlands, Van Cappellenhuis, Capelle a/d Ijssel



Exhibition Groot Defile der Beeldenaars, WTC Art Gallery, Rotterdam

RAR New Members Exhibition, Gallery RAR, Noordeinde 7, Spijkenisse

Exhibition Opening Grafisch Atelier Minnigh, Grafisch Atelier Minnigh, Rotterdam

International Juried Print Exhibition, New Grouds Gallery, Albuquerque, USA Exhibition

Face to Face, PopUp Gallery, Nieuwe Binnenweg 235, Rotterdam



The VKK receives Region Art Rijnmond, Voorschoten



Ontmoeting II Polish artists in The Netherlands,Gallery RAR, Spijkenisse



Group exhibition Regio Art Rijnmond, Galerie Doet, Leeuwarden

Midsummer Festival Kralingen, Garden of Earthly Delights, Rotterdam



Open Expo Schiedam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Polish Artists in the Netherlands Ontmoeting III, Rhoon Castle



Graphic Atelier Minnigh, Psynapse Gallery, Rotterdam

RAMSJ expo, Gallery RAR, Spijkenisse



Graphic Atelier Minnigh, Maaskoe, Rotterdam



Polish Artists in the Netherlands Meeting IV, De Lebuinuskerk, Deventer



Grafische Werkplaats, Kunst Werkt, Rotterdam





Grafiekmagazine RAAM - publication, article Geworteld in de grafiek by Hans Andringa


Polish Artists in the Netherlands - promotional project and book about Polish artists and performers, project of PNKV